a dusty wedding album…


Hello, Hannah here,

The other day my great aunt Dorothy of 90 years old, showed me her wedding album for the first time. I loved looking through old photos of my family, especially seeing my mum when she was a young girl, seeing my great granny for the first time, and looking at my granddad I think I know where I get my height from! Sadly nearly all of the people in the photos are not around anymore.

It really made me realise how photography is such a unique and crucial art form… in capturing that one moment in time that will never be relived, only through peoples minds will the memories live on and through photographic records and film.

These photos were taken 50 years ago by a wedding photographer named Gerald Trevorrow from Tottenham, London. It’s amazing to think that these were taken by an old stills camera. Digital seems like a luxury in comparison as Rich and I know, we can take up to 3000 photos at one wedding, deleting as we please and selecting the best shots. Still the same principle is there, to capture those exact moments of emotion.

The prints are great quality and presented in a beautiful album, not that dissimilar to the ones that we design and offer our clients today. I love black and white photos and I think its great they are still popular to this day…. and we are finding many couples are asking us for black and white photos in addition to their colour wedding photographs.

My favourite is the confetti shot because of the joy and happiness in the photo.. the photographer was obviously very talented to capture such an emotional shot. The photos have given me lots of inspiration and ideas to use in the future!

(I couldn’t resist a bit of photoshopping to give them some colour!)



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